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Stigma Fighters Deaf: Katy Nicole

Stigma Fighters Deaf – An amazing new chapter and a wonderful story


My story isn’t one with a happy ending. And that’s ok. Not everyone’s story has one.

Eleven days before I turned 20, I was diagnosed with Depression and Bipolar II. About 4 months later, I was also diagnosed with Anxiety and mild Panic. What I want to talk about here is the Bipolar diagnosis and where I am with that now.

I didn’t believe the Bipolar diagnosis and was only treated for Depression.Granted, that’s because at the time, I had never experienced the hypomania. Two years later, I finally understand what they hypomania is like. It didn’t last long, only a few days, but it was insane.

I look back at high school and I can see how the Bipolar II diagnosis make sense. The depression is almost more prominent for me, and usually is for those with Bipolar II. That’s why our highs are classified as hypomania and not just…

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