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Anxiously Yours, Carrie

The Clever Sisters

It isn’t easy to open the self up and come out of the closet. However, I have recently been compelled to do that. For a reason I can’t quite identify, I have come to terms with the fact that I can no longer be ashamed of something I have dealt with and hidden for many years.

I have an anxiety disorder.

Just typing that out and knowing I intend to post this in a public format makes me want to break out in to a sweat and start freaking out. But, I can’t do that any longer. I cannot continue to hide something that I have, at times, been made to feel like is a dirty little secret. What? Being a human is dirty? Well, not tonight. No, tonight it is a moment of reckoning. A moment of freedom and accountability. Because something I say here may not only help…

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Mental Health and Work

I have been in this position (Helen talking) and it os very hard. a wonderful piece

Shush Don't Talk...

Working whilst learning to cope with your Mental Health is hard. 

I don’t think enough credit is given to those who have found that balance between their work life and Mental Health. It’s inspiring. I also think those companies that are supportive of their employees should be an example to those that struggle to do just that.

My Dr signed me off yesterday but unfortunately work will not give me sick pay for the time I have off. Do I concentrate on my health or do I pay my bills and eat? 

I think work has contributed to my slip in Mental Health, before, work made me happy, gave me routine and made me feel valued. Now, I’m struggling. My colleague has resigned, I’ve sought help from a Bullying Advisor after a change in Management and my Mental Health is at an all time low.

After much thought, I think…

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