Love who you are

Gratitude, Creativity, and Wellness

I’d like to prelude this piece by quoting something I saw one day while scrolling through Facebook: “Whenever you feel sad, just remember there are billions of cells in your body and all they care about is you.”

My whole life, I have been trying to overcome something: social anxiety. In each stage of my life, I had a different way of doing it. As a sensitive teenager in middle and high school, I took ballet and drama classes. I was in some school plays. I dreamed of being an actress. In college, I took medication: luvox. It didn’t help, actually, the opposite happened: my depression worsened. After college, I worked in a library, because it seemed safe. I always did what my mom wanted me to do: go to school, get a job, be perfect, even if it means hiding parts of myself.  Then, I couldn’t take it anymore. I flipped…

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