About Us

Welcome to Stigma Fighters Down Under. This website aims to break down stigma around mental illness by having every day Australian’s share their personal experiences with Mental Illness.

What is Stigma Fighters Down Under?
Stigma Fighters Down Under is the Australian chapter of Stigma Fighters, a blog series about real people living with mental illness.  Our parent organisation www.stigmafighters.com was founded by Sarah Fader and later expanded with Allie Burke,  both of who are featured on this site.  Stigma Fighters, which started off as a labour of love for our founder Sarah, has now started to spread around the world with chapters in Canada and the UK, as well as here in Australia. In addition to the international growth, Stigma Fighters has also started another two US based franchises; Stigma Fighters Teen, and Stigma Fighters Deaf

But who am I?….
I am an Sara Joy, an Aussie Stigma Fighter from the original project. I am a crazy cat lady, who lives with my two cats and my Anxiety Disorder in Sunny QLD. I love talking, writing, laughing and listening. I am is also youngest old person you will ever meet. Read my original Stigma Fighters essay here.

Why we need YOU!
Stigma Fighters Down Under aims to stomp out the stigma surrounding mental health in this country and around the world by getting people talking and educating them on what it really means to live with mental illness! See who has already taken up the challenge and what they have to say.

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