Anxiously Yours, Carrie

The Clever Sisters

It isn’t easy to open the self up and come out of the closet. However, I have recently been compelled to do that. For a reason I can’t quite identify, I have come to terms with the fact that I can no longer be ashamed of something I have dealt with and hidden for many years.

I have an anxiety disorder.

Just typing that out and knowing I intend to post this in a public format makes me want to break out in to a sweat and start freaking out. But, I can’t do that any longer. I cannot continue to hide something that I have, at times, been made to feel like is a dirty little secret. What? Being a human is dirty? Well, not tonight. No, tonight it is a moment of reckoning. A moment of freedom and accountability. Because something I say here may not only help…

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