Normal is a Feeling Straight From the Heart


cloud-600224_640Feeling normal to me is one of the best feelings ever. I’ve spent a lot of time in my life grappling with the feelings of anxiety, depression, and now bipolar disorder. Feeling normal is my breath of fresh air and is enough to make me happy with my life. My heart feels good. It radiates out of the chest and into every limb. I cannot feel the heartbeats because they are also calm.

The problem with mental conditions is that they sit in the forefront of the mind and take over most of the great feelings, replacing them with negative emotions. These feelings I am about to describe can last for days, weeks, or months on end. They are only a sample of what a person can experience.

Anxiety makes a person nervous, paranoid, uptight, tense, and make the heart feel constricted inside.

Depression makes a person numb, fatigued, uninspired…

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